Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Exclusive Scotty The Kid Interview! December 2016

Copymat Hollywood is back again with another legendary interview for the holiday season! We caught up with Hollywood's own Scotty The Kid. Rapper. DJ. Actor. The kid does it all & has some insight on our community, his upcoming plans & his life/career.

Where are you from? When did you come to Los Angeles?

Originally from Tucson Arizona. Been living in LA 8 going on 9 years.  

How did you come up with your name Scotty The Kid?

When I was a young teenager I realized that the further humans got away from being a kid the less creative they became. The untainted innocence that children obtain is what inspires them to dream and believe they can be whatever they wanna be. As we grow up the adults try to force us into becoming what THEY think we should do or what's best for us. Which 9 times out of 10 isn't what that child dreamed they wanted to do. So my motto is...

"The creative adult is the kid who never died.."

Craziest thing you've ever seen in Hollywood?

I've seen the rise and fall of so many people in this city. Craziest I would say was meeting a beautiful young girl who was ambitious to becoming a big star / actress. 4 months later addicted to drugs and living on the street. Physically unrecognizable. Scary to see how fast things can happen.

You're a DJ, Rapper, Actor, Skateboarder. What were some great moments of 2016?

I got to Dj in Madrid for Halloween which was a definite highlight. Also went to Coachella for my first time this year and was given the opportunity to Dj my own tent at the camp grounds to turn up the 50,000 campers at night. Also getting paid by Golden Voice was awesome! San Diego Comic Con was a great time. I got to work with Adult Swim and connected a bunch of people to create more opportunities for 2017!

 Favorite Song of the Year?

Skateboard P - MadeinTYO

Favorite Song you've ever made?

OG Smmr - Scotty The Kid ft. EJ

Goals & plans for 2017?

- January - Performance for OVO President
- February - DJing in Austria (Air+Style)
- LA (Air+Style)
- DJ Coachella again.
- 2 songs in rotation (Power106)
- Want to travel to at least 5 new countries
- Have my own skateboards made
- Perform (Dj/ Rap) for at least 500,000 people (accumulated)

When are we eating at Trejos Tacos?

Whenever. They just started making burritos so.. let's do that!

What does Copymat Hollywood mean to you?

Copymat is always so fast it's crazy. That was the first thing I noticed when I started using Copymat 3 years ago. Not only is it super accessible and the perfect location but their prices are always way more reasonable and faster than the corporate copy places. Also I've been disappointed too many times from other print shops. The customer service is also on point!

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