Monday, October 24, 2016

Los Angeles Marches against Dakota Pipeline & Corporate Greed

Los Angeles took to MacArthur Park in Westlake to protest the building of the Dakota Pipeline. Military police are currently in North Dakota arresting water protestors, or "protectors", from standing in the way of a massive oil pipeline construction. This pipeline destroys Native American land as well as threatens their water supply.

Chants of "agua es vida"& "water is life" could be heard for miles, as the Los Angeles Police Department worked with & guided the protest through the middle of Westlake & Downtown streets.

This is a very pressing issue for not only the Standing Rock tribe, but for all Americans. Our corporations & politicians have made it very clear that they have no boundaries. Celebrity Shailene Woodley has been very vocal about these events. She's been arrested in North Dakota with the water "protectors"& has even published her own piece in Time Magazine.

For more information on the topic, research on your own time about the Dakota Pipeline, fracking, clean energy & our impending water crisis.

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