Monday, August 15, 2016

Trade Show Display Guide: Trade Show Booth Design, Table Covers & Beyond for Trade Conventions

Looking to present your company, business or product at a trade show this year? You've landed at the right spot. There will be many decisions made that will lead to success or failure. Attendance is only half the battle. The other half? Being prepared, of course! We'll let you in on the most important moves to make. Also, a few little secrets along the way.

Booth Design: Trade show booth design is extremely essential to trade show success! This is what draws in potential customers. Remember, there is a lot of competition at trade shows. You must stand out in order to bring out results. How can you do that? Quality printing. Start with a captivating table cover, retractable banner stands & any creative addition that will add to your presentation. You do not want to be a little, boring fish in the big trade show sea of companies. You want the most flavor! The coolest display! Attract people to your booth.

Exciting Staff: Whether it's you or any other employee at your company; make sure the customer service is excellent. Make people leave your booth saying "Wow, those are cool people!" not "Man, those guys (or girls) are boring!" Use your personality & energy to attract customers, not scare them away.

If you follow these simple suggestions & put your own twist on them, you will see an uptick in sales at your next trade show. Be prepared!

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