Thursday, August 11, 2016

Los Angeles Population: Hollywood, East Hollywood, North Hollywood, West Hollywood & Larchmont

For the first time ever, the population of Los Angeles has topped 4 million! Oh, no. More traffic! All jokes aside, let's check out the neighborhoods surrounding Copymat Hollywood.

Hollywood Population

Welcome to the wild world of Hollywood! How crowded is it? According to the LA Times it has 22,193 people per square mile.

East Hollywood Population 

Moving a few steps east, lets check out East Hollywood! It seems like there are approximately 31,095 people per square mile. It's surprising to see that it is even more dense then central Hollywood! From the looks of Hollywood Boulevard, one would think that it's the most crowded Hollywood. You learn something new everyday.

North Hollywood Population

Let's check out our friend up north (by up north I mean 10 minutes up the 101!). Not surprising to see it the least crowded of the Hollywoods at 13,264 people per square mile. North Hollywood may eventually eclipse the others due to the quick rate that it's growing. It's a popular destination for music studios, musicians & actors who want a little space from the hustle & bustle of the mid-city.

West Hollywood Population

West Hollywood. A very unique area of Los Angeles that is a favorite to many. It has 18,924 population per square mile. Good food. Good culture. Nice neighborhood!

Larchmont Population

Last but not least is the growing community of Larchmont. It has 17,747 people per square mile. Home to many coffee shops & organic eateries, this is a great area to check out if you've never been!

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