Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bill Pullman: 2016 Independence Day Movie + Interview

2016 has been another incredible year for our friend, Bill Pullman. His return to the Independence Day franchise was a great treat to his fans worldwide. Independence Day: Resurgence hit theaters this year for another adventure alongside the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger. I can't wait to see how this one turns out!

Bill Pullman also has a role in "LBJ" a 2016 political drama about the life of Vice President Johnson. He'll also be featured in Brother Nature, a comedy. It's great to see Bill doing so many different roles this year. He is versatile, a true Hollywood icon.

We were fortunate to have Bill Pullman stop by our store to print out some head shots back in our early years. He made this funny video with us. How many Hollywood legends are fun enough to film a one-take video in the neighborhood? Great guy.

Moving forward into 2017, Bill Pullman will most likely be involved in multiple big films. With an iconic role in the Independence Day sequel, many doors should be open for Pullman to continue moving his legacy forward.


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